Mohammed Alsaleh is a two-time TEDx Speaker

The global number of forcibly displaced people is projected to rise from 65 million to 300 million by 2040. A refugee is not who you think they are. A small rise in sea level could make you a refugee. So who is a refugee? This talk will change your perception of refugees.

What do you do when you face the unthinkable? When all else is gone, what are you left with? In this moving talk, Mohammed answers these questions based on his lived first-hand experiences, from Syria to Canada, he went from being a medical student, to terrorist, to refugee.

One thing is for sure we need more Canadians like you Mohammed! I wish you every success in your new country!
— Theresa Sabo
Mohammed, you have such a gift of bringing the story of many, too many, people alive in how you share your personal story.
— Shaheen Nanji
I love the depth of wisdom you share and the actionable steps towards a world where we can all live freely and experience freedom and possibility.
— Karen McGregor