Mohammed Alsaleh is an International Speaker and Award-Winning Advocate


After losing his cousin to cancer, Mohammed decided to become a physician with a specialization in oncology. But during his time in medical school, his entire life changed as the Syrian conflict broke out. After surviving imprisonment and torture, Mohammed fled his home to Lebanon and made his journey to seek refuge in Vancouver.

Now, Mohammed is an international speaker and an advocate, raising a voice for thousands of people going through the hardships he experienced first-hand. As a two-time TEDx speaker, he's an active advocate for refugee livelihood and well-being. A recent recipient of the 2018 RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award, he has been recognized from the likes of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan, and Hollywood Actor and Activist George Takei.

From Syria to Canada, his journey was famously featured in the documentary "Welcome to Canada".

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One thing is for sure we need more Canadians like you Mohammed! I wish you every success in your new country!
— Theresa Sabo
Mohammed, you have such a gift of bringing the story of many, too many, people alive in how you share your personal story.
— Shaheen Nanji
I love the depth of wisdom you share and the actionable steps towards a world where we can all live freely and experience freedom and possibility.
— Karen McGregor

Thank you Mohammed for your courage, for your bravery, and for your incredibly positive outlook.
— Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Mohammed Alsaleh asks PM Justin Trudeau to help reunite separated refugee families like his.

Full Global News story here

George Takei

Hollywood Actor and Director, Author, and Activist

George Takei introducing Mohammed to over 10 million Facebook followers by featuring True Calling Canada's video: "You Are Home Now"



Sharookh Daroowala

Professional speaker and finalist, World Championship of Public Speaking 2014

"The future is safe in the hands of millennials like Mohammed Alsaleh. His talks will change your perception of refugees. But it will also restore your faith in the power of every individual’s capacity to rise from the depths of despair and keep moving forward.

As his Coach, I was blessed to play a small part in Mohammed’s huge success on that TED stage. There was not one dry eye among the audience of 2,500!"